Health, beauty and healing through scent and relaxation

The reason for shrim

We hope people who like to gather and enjoy calming scents for health and natural beauty will have a pleasant experience with us. For this reason we used the Mandala  word meaning beauty, health, creation and prosperity. We choose products which are safe for people and the environment.  We hope our treatment promotes a happier and healthier life for you.
Our products are organic and safe for Halal use.
*Please ask for further details

Omakase course

For improving your healthy and beauty

A maximum of 3 pairs per.
A maximum capacity of 3 bookings per day.

120min.  16,000yen ( for 2 hours)
90min. 14,000yen ( for 1 hour and half)
60min.11,000yen ( for 1 hour)

  *A  discont of 1,000yen per person for booking of 2 people.(60min.90min)
(The price includes tax)

2 hours  Premium Treatment 70,000 yen

Please make a reservation and specify any  special arrangements with us before having treatment.
Only 3 people can per day.
Have this blissful treatment in a special setting.

Aroma Head Healing®

20min  5,000yen       50min 8,000yen

People making a reservation to shrim-cozyspot for the first time, should go to this link below.

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